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Why Your Diets are Failing You: What the Diet Industry Doesn't Want You to Know!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Given up on a another diet? Not getting the results your want? Feeling lost and hopeless on your health journey? I have news: IT'S NO YOUR FAULT! Why? Your diet is likely designed to fail. In this blog you'll learn why your diets are failing you and what to do about it.

How many of you have discovered some new diet program, workout program, or supplement that promises amazing weight loss results? And you just really felt like, "This is it. This is what I’ve been missing. This is what’s going to get me to lose weight. I mean, look at all the people it’s helped to get amazing bodies. I want that body, and this diet is the key to getting that body."

So you buy into the program. It's a new start and you're feeling super motivated. And for the first few weeks, it actually works! You’re actually losing weight! But then something happens. Maybe you ate something you weren’t supposed to and now you feel like a failure. "There’s no point in continuing on," you think to yourself. So you go on a binge and eat a ton of food because, what’s even the point. Or maybe you’ve started to plateau - you’re just not seeing the results you used to. Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of eating salads. For goodness sake, can a person just get a burger and some fries?

I’m here to tell you yes, you can eat that burger and fries and still be healthy AND feel confident in your body. You can go to that party without worrying about losing control around all those fried foods and chips. You shouldn’t have to punish yourself just to feel at peace in your body. It should be a natural, holistic process that you can sustain your entire life.

There’s a reason I never put my clients “on a diet” because that implies that they’ll eventually be OFF the diet. Most people think they just need to go on a diet for a while, and once they have lost the weight they want, they can resume their normal life. But that’s just not the case. It’s one of the reasons why 98 percent of diets fail! That’s right, that diet you’re on only has a 2% chance of succeeding. Why? Because all diets consist of one of the following things: restrict calories, restrict food groups, restrict macronutrients, or make you follow a very specific “one size fits all” approach that’s full of rigidity and rituals. All of this equals a recipe for failure. Nobody likes restriction. In fact, most of the time restriction sends you down the path of yo-yo dieting - A.K.A losing weight really quickly during a restriction phase, then after restricting yourself for so long, you can’t take it anymore and end up binging and gaining the weight back. Of course! Who wouldn't! Binging is your body's natural response to days or even weeks of restriction. Not only that, but yo-yo diets can lead to greater, long-term weight gain and negative health consequences like heart disease and diabetes.

Dieting has less to do with your “lack of will power,” and more to do with how the diet industry is designed for you to fail.

Wait, hold on. Why would anybody market something that’s designed failed? That’s got to be the worst business plan ever...right? Actually, the diet industry has been doing it for years, and it’s making them loads of money at your expense.

Most diets are marketed as a single, simple program that can work for anybody. The only problem is, if one diet actually worked for everybody, don’t you think that every single person on this earth would be on that diet? Now maybe you’re thinking, “Well maybe that diet would have worked if I had more will power.” WRONG! If a diet truly worked, it wouldn’t require huge amounts of will power.

So how does the diet industry set you up for failure and why is it the perfect business model?

First, they market to you something that you want but don’t have: the “perfect body.” So right from the get go they set you up for failure because their body standards are unattainable. In fact, their idea of being healthy, means looking fit. However, fitness and health are NOT synonyms. In fact, you can look super fit on the outside and still be unhealthy on the inside.

Next, they sell you on the idea that their diet works, and all you have to do is follow along. They even show you success stories of people “just like you” (even though nobody is just like you). Then, when you’re one of the 98% of people that fail you blame yourself...and who’s there waiting? Another weight loss program promising you the same results, in the same restrictive format, but disguised as something newer and better so you can shell out more money. Most weight loss programs work just long enough for you to try it, but not long enough for you to sustain it.

You don't need more willpower, you don't need to find another diet or workout program, you need to get in tune with the body God designed for you!

Don't fall into the diet industry's money trap. You have the power to take control of your health and become the best version of yourself.

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